Book Updates

The new Practics book will be available early 2018. The Perfect Pistol Shot is available under a new publisher at

The year is nearly passed; I hope all enjoyed a merry Christmas.

The Perfect Pistol Shot has suffered a recent market absence because our Publisher, Paladin Press has gone out of business. Paladin Press was an excellent small house, in my opinion, and it will be sorely missed by firearms enthusiasts. Perfect Pistol Shot is back on now though it will require a little searching for the present to separate the new book from third seller used books. The contents are the same, only the publisher has changed. Continue reading

Book prices fluctuate on I like to think of it as a stock exchange where nobody gets rich. As of the morning of 7/14/2015, The Perfect Pistol Shot is temporarily priced as follows:

Paperback 9.49
Kindle 6.99

If you’ve been considering the book (thank you) this may be a good opportunity. The publisher retails the book for 12.00.

Barring a few topical additions and minor adjustments, the manuscript for Practics Holistic Handgun is through comprehensive editing. Formatting is still ahead and that will go quickly. A sample of the book will be placed on this web site, today. The sample is from the introduction. Continue reading