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Safety has to be trained. It is not enough to have rules read to the shooter. Firearm safety includes muscle memory actions, which by the nature of muscle memory require repetitive training. Certainly, properly conducted range time reinforces safety practices and develops a second nature of safe handling. However, all skills deteriorate and require formalized training to correct and maintain them. The next time you’re on the range, watch how many experienced shooters have slipped into sloppy slide manipulations. The muzzle should always be downrange but the further the shooter gets from training, the more the muzzle begins to wander to the side. Continue reading


The gun control effort has taken on new life largely because of a recent attack in a Florida bar. The arguments, as always are the same. A few years ago, novelist Stephen King wrote a kindle book–Guns. Mr. King strongly favors gun control. I do not. In 2013, I wrote a kindle response to Guns. An unedited draft was published for a short period to check reviews and then pulled for editing; the Practics manuscript diverted my attention and the following essay wasn’t released. The American Gun Fight draft is posted below and while it specifically addresses King’s book, it is a general response to popular gun control.

I wish everyone a pleasant Fourth of July.

American Gun Fight

Its been vigorously reported that an extraordinary number of Americans are now buying their first handguns. Interestingly, many of those buyers are over 50 and a good number over 65. Much of the correspondence I receive comes from older shooters with questions about sighting with vision defects. Here’s some suggestions concerning imperfect vision and marksmanship:

Be aware of lighting. Indoor range lighting is dramatically different from natural light. You can test this by trying to read small print indoors and then trying the same after stepping into direct sunlight. If you must shoot indoors consider light-colored, reduced reflection, shooting glasses which will magnify light and reduce glare. Continue reading

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Albert League is a former Marine and law enforcement firearm instructor who consults on a variety of security topics.
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