The book is finally available. Practics Handgun Defense System is now available through the world’s largest book wholesaler, and retailers, including Amazon and Barnes. Hopefully, the book will begin popping up in the usual outlets as it gains traction. The first professional review was just released by Kirkus Reviews; the review was very encouraging. I’m very grateful for all the Perfect Pistol Shot readers who were so patient in waiting for the book. It was the strong word-of-mouth following for Perfect Pistol Shot that encouraged me to write Continue reading

The new Practics book will be available early 2018. The Perfect Pistol Shot is available under a new publisher at

The year is nearly passed; I hope all enjoyed a merry Christmas.

The Perfect Pistol Shot has suffered a recent market absence because our Publisher, Paladin Press has gone out of business. Paladin Press was an excellent small house, in my opinion, and it will be sorely missed by firearms enthusiasts. Perfect Pistol Shot is back on now though it will require a little searching for the present to separate the new book from third seller used books. The contents are the same, only the publisher has changed. Continue reading

Book prices fluctuate on I like to think of it as a stock exchange where nobody gets rich. As of the morning of 7/14/2015, The Perfect Pistol Shot is temporarily priced as follows:

Paperback 9.49
Kindle 6.99

If you’ve been considering the book (thank you) this may be a good opportunity. The publisher retails the book for 12.00.

The new defensive handgun skills book is coming. Originally, it was to be released in Spring but it was delayed by the addition of another chapter. The result is a more comprehensive book but the delay is regrettable. Readers who enjoyed The Perfect Pistol Shot and are now interested in learning more about defensive use of the handgun may find Practics Holistic Handgun worthwhile. The book is a study course on the defensive use of the handgun, both pistol and revolver. I apologize for the delay and hope to have the book on sale later this year. Continue reading

The release of Practics Holistic Handgun has been slightly delayed in order to add another chapter. While I certainly think it was worthwhile, I am curious to see how the firearm using public responds to a shooting book of this size. There’s always a fear of trying to sell too much book but in the field of firearm literature, most shooting instruction books are only about 200 pages with a lot of unnecessary photographs (here’s the author looking at a gun, here’s the author smiling at a gun). It looks like Practics Holistic Handgun will be between 300-400 pages. The pictures are limited to instructional shots to compliment the text but even so, there’ll be a lot of pictures. Truthfully, the book is a compromise of necessary information and practical commercial limitations. The first book, The Perfect Pistol Shot was based on the lecture which precedes my basic handgun course. Continue reading

My new book will released in Spring 2015. The book is called Practics Holistic Handgun and is based on my Practics system for defensive firearm use. This first book is the meat of a 128 hour course covering everything from the use of deadly force to firing en motion. It is currently being edited and looks like it will be at least 350 pages which is a big book, particularly for a shooting book. Formats will be Kindle and paperback, both available through Amazon.  Interested readers can go to my Amazon author page and click the button under my picture which will cause a notice to be sent when the new book is released. Of course, I’ll post updates here and there is a supporting web site: 

Its my intention to follow Practics Holistic Handgun with at least two more Practics books. Live training is a real possibility, too.

Its been a pleasure over the last three years, getting to know some of The Perfect Pistol Shot readers. The fact that Practics is a reality is due in no small measure to those readers who supported the first book with blog discussions and strong reviews. Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

After the The Perfect Pistol Shot was published there was some reader interest in a defensive handgun book. I have just finished the manuscript and it’s currently with the editor. This is a large book, about 300-350 pages. Instead of a collection of techniques, the book offers a a full handgun self-defense system. The book will be available in trade paperback and Kindle. Spring 2015. In the meantime, I’ll periodically update the book’s progress here. Thanks for the interest; readers certainly influence my writing projects.

Winter is coming. Stored weapons need to be cleaned, oiled, and properly stored. Avoid humidity as much as possible.

I’ve noticed many firearm bloggers sharing targets and discussing accuracy. Slow-fire at seven yards with a service weapon should produce one ragged bullet hole. Unfortunately, that’s not what passes for decent shooting today. Shooters who accept an 8″ circle as a good measure of a group are endangering those around them. At 25 yards, you’re bullets will be all over God’s creation. Let’s be clear. Measuring groups by the distance of the furthest round to the center-most round may produce a “four-inch group” that is actually an eight inch group. Your full-sized handgun is probably capable of a five-shot group within a three inch circle at 25 yards. Work toward the mechanical accuracy of your firearm. Marksmanship takes effort, just like learning to drive a car. Most people don’t drive particularly well at the extremes, such as bad weather or high-speed. Likewise, most shooters can’t shoot when the target is smaller than an Elvis poster and farther away than the length of a Hyundai sedan. You CAN become a marksman if you will endeavor to study marksmanship and train instead of plink. It does you little good to take advice from other shooters who are unable to shoot accurately. Marksmanship is the basis for all shooting. Your enjoyment of your handgun will rise exponentially if you will invest the time, discipline, and effort to become a marksman. You can do it!

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