Publication Date: November 1, 2011 “You will either master the pistol or the pistol will master you.”

To fire perfect shots, you must train for perfect shots. But whether you want to shoot squirrels, punch holes in paper targets, or defend your home, there is only one path to achieving consistent accuracy with a handgun: mastering the fundamentals of marksmanship. Written by a former U.S. Marine Corps firearms instructor who has taught more than a thousand law enforcement, military, and security personnel, The Perfect Pistol Shot uses succinct lessons, uncommon exercises, and real-world stories to provide a fresh look at a vital topic for all gunmen.
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Practics Handgun Defense System is a holistic approach to armed self-defense. Beginning with an understanding of the lawful use of force, an intense 140 hour training course leads students through practical, relevant drills and exercises. A strong emphasis on intellectual mastery enables thoughtful defenders to adapt to threat circumstances rather than merely imitate shooting positions. Topics include firing in darkness, deflecting rounds, planning evacuation routes, mental and emotional preparation, long distance target calculation, and tracking ammunition. Written in a frank, open style that addresses many of the gray areas often avoided in standard defense instruction, Practics Handgun Defense System is an enjoyable and informative source for continued development of your own armed defense.
From the author of The Perfect Pistol Shot, an intuitive and holistic handgun defense system derived from a three-week training course, covering lawful use of force, threat avoidance, advanced skills training, and strategy. Featuring 386 numbered pages with additional text for approximately 400 total pages with 151 photos.

Available in Paperback and Kindle.