Safety has to be trained. It is not enough to have rules read to the shooter. Firearm safety includes muscle memory actions, which by the nature of muscle memory require repetitive training. Certainly, properly conducted range time reinforces safety practices and develops a second nature of safe handling. However, all skills deteriorate and require formalized training to correct and maintain them. The next time you’re on the range, watch how many experienced shooters have slipped into sloppy slide manipulations. The muzzle should always be downrange but the further the shooter gets from training, the more the muzzle begins to wander to the side. Training for basic safety (indexing, holstering, loading, engaging safeties, and unloading) is not wasting range time. Too many shooters unintentionally discharge firearms on the range and in the home to dismiss safety training as entry-level only.

I apologize (again) for the delay of the first Practics book. It is coming. Thanks for your patience.

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    Thanks for reassuring us about the new Practics book. I must admit to wondering if there was a problem! Ive so enjoyed the TPPS ( just about worn it out) I’m really looking forward to being notified. Nice to see an addition to your blog too. SAFETY is a must! ATB. Pete.