Most shots go low and to the inside due to over-gripping the handgun. Most right-handers shoot low, left, and most left-handers shoot low and right. Some shooters defy statistics and shoot straight across to the strong side, meaning a R/H will throw shots to 3 o’clock and a L/H will strike at 9 o’clock. If you have read The Perfect Pistol Shot (you are an intelligent and discerning reader) you know that errors can overlap and even reverse bullet placement. The fundamentals are after all, the fundamentals and need to be sorted out like a puzzle. Having said that, there is a an error that will pitch rounds straight to the strong side. It tends to come from recoil sensitivity:
1. Shooting arm elbow is fully locked.
2. Over-grip will almost always go hand-in-hand with a locked arm and contribute to this error but the absence of over-grip will not necessarily prevent this error.

This error is an action and immediately prior to and during discharge the following will occur:

The shooting arm is thrust into a hyper-extended position causing the shooting wrist to break outward toward the strong side.

Again, readers of the great and magnificent tome, The Perfect Pistol Shot, know (or ought to know) that sighting will correct even this error because the shooter will know the front sight has moved to the strong side during firing.

The prevention of this strong-side error is simple: keep a natural break in your shooting arm. No need to exaggerate it, just a naturally extended arm, not locked. You cannot force the wrist outward inadvertently without a locked arm. That’s it.

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