Barring a few topical additions and minor adjustments, the manuscript for Practics Holistic Handgun is through comprehensive editing. Formatting is still ahead and that will go quickly. A sample of the book will be placed on this web site, today. The sample is from the introduction.

The release date will be this Spring barring any disaster. On the Amazon author page the date is shown as April 1, 2015. That is not accurate but a date had to be provided. Readers who have requested email notification of the release date will be notified as soon as the Amazon date is set. I truly appreciate the interest. Over the last couple of years, I ‘ve had quite a bit of correspondence from readers of my marksmanship book. Its been particularly enjoyable (and instructive) hearing from many of those same people as the defensive handgun book has been nearing completion.

Practics Holistic Handgun will open in paperback and kindle formats, the same as The Perfect Pistol Shot.