A couple night ago, Fox News Channel’s Megan Kelly (cute as a bug) told her audience that at least one of the San Bernardino murderers engaged in “dry-fire.” Kelly explained that experts said dry-fire was shooting a gun without bullets in order to “train the mind to kill.” Dry-fire is indeed the practice of pressing the trigger on an empty weapon while sighting on a target. This practice is wide spread and well established within competitive and traditional military shooting. Olympic shooters and local target enthusiasts engage in dry-fire because it allows the shooter to more easily spot flaws because there is no disruptive discharge and recoil. Wherever the front sight is when the firearm goes “click” is where the shot would have gone. I do not expect any news organization to have an army of fact checkers nearby with expertise in all areas but this error is one that could have been caught with a 30 second internet search. We must remember Bill O’ Reilly thinks fully automatic rifles are on sale at gun shows for instant purchase (despite being corrected on-air) and MSNBC commentators want police to “shoot to wound,” like Roy Rogers and the Lone Ranger.

Yee-Ha! When it comes to guns, everybody is comfortable giving an opinion because it is a an area of interest that has been on the periphery of American consciousness since our founding and too many “experts” within the field are camouflage pants wearing, kill-or-be-killed, gun nuts. So say what you want, wing it. If your brother-in-law took a criminal justice class at the local community college, he’s probably a firearms expert.

Winter is coming. Every firearm needs maintenance including proper cleaning, a light coat of oil on exposed machined surfaces, and a good wipe down with a silicon rag or glove. Just because you’re not shooting doesn’t mean you have no maintenance responsibility. Firearms are uniquely inanimate objects that require husbandry. Don’t let moisture eat your guns, and don’t expose them unnecessarily to severe temperatures. You wouldn’t store Granny’s antique dinning room table in a deep freeze, don’t do it to your Model 70 either.

The book is coming. I’m finally very pleased with completeness of the text. The book covers about a three week defensive training course. You can read more about it on the www.practicsusa.com web site.

I’d like to thank readers for the continued success of The Perfect Pistol Shot. Its been out for a full 4 years and it still sells well enough. There’s a lot of shooting books available and I’m mindful that there’s always some risk in buying a book. Thanks, I appreciate the readership.

Good Shooting.