1. Magazines are always placed downward into the pouch with the rounds pointed away from the support side. This allows the shooter to  grab the magazine, twist the wrist, and have the magazine and magazine well pointed in the same direction.

2. Magazine pouches are placed on the support side and speed-loader pouches are always placed on the strong side (same side as the holster). These positions allow for use when prone without excessive body movement and at all other times allow the loading hand to drop directly onto the pouch.

3. Engage all safeties every time.  Not using a decocking/safety lever will result in a failure to fire when the lever is inadvertently engaged without your notice. Train to flip safeties off with every draw and you’ll be never be scared senseless because your handgun doesn’t fire.

4. Use every safety strap on your holster. Despite the difficulty breaking-in a new retention holster, they do loosen up. A holster strap can become snapped when the wearer brushes against a wall or car door jamb. If you don’t train to disengage the bottom snap every draw, you will find remedial action difficult under the certain panic that occurs when your handgun won’t leave the holster.

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