Many new shooters complain of sight-wobble while aiming; they can’t keep their sights still. That’s good, actually, because the only people who don’t have to contend with sight wobble are people who are dead. If you have a working circulatory system, respiration, muscle and nerves, your sights are going to move during aiming. So how do fire that perfect pistol shot? (Aside from purchasing a copy of my delightful and educational book The Perfect Pistol Shot.) We minimize and control:

Minimize by using a light grip. Any pressure beyond what is necessary to hold the weapon in the hand during shooting is excessive pressure. Excess pressure becomes movement. This is true in every human action using muscle. If you squeeze your cell phone very hard your cell phone will tremble. If you push against a building with all your strength the building won’t move but your whole body will shake. Any pressure beyond what is necessary to hold the handgun will be dispersed through barrel movement because you outweigh the handgun. Think about it. Squeezing the grips doesn’t control recoil, body positioning controls recoil. Shoulders past hips. We’ve discussed recoil many times in this blog and in the book. Don’t think over-grip does anything good.

Control sight wobble by allowing the front sight to move in a very slight figure 8 pattern. My personal preference is a vertical 8 for handguns and a horizontal 8 for rifles but it doesn’t matter. The main point is to have the intersection of the figure 8 at the exact point of where you want the front sight to be during firing. The goal is the smallest figure 8 possible. Training will reduce wobble and your figure 8.

Physical fitness improves blood flow, heart rate, and muscle control. The better shape you’re in the less wobble you will have to contend with. Old guys needs to walk and work their arms to keep themselves shooting fit.

Wobble is natural and does not indicate shooter problems beyond the need for fundamental marksmanship skills.

Good shooting.