The release of Practics Holistic Handgun has been slightly delayed in order to add another chapter. While I certainly think it was worthwhile, I am curious to see how the firearm using public responds to a shooting book of this size. There’s always a fear of trying to sell too much book but in the field of firearm literature, most shooting instruction books are only about 200 pages with a lot of unnecessary photographs (here’s the author looking at a gun, here’s the author smiling at a gun). It looks like Practics Holistic Handgun will be between 300-400 pages. The pictures are limited to instructional shots to compliment the text but even so, there’ll be a lot of pictures. Truthfully, the book is a compromise of necessary information and practical commercial limitations. The first book, The Perfect Pistol Shot was based on the lecture which precedes my basic handgun course. This book is a 3-4 week lesson plan. Unfortunately that means it won’t lend itself to casual reading, flipping through the book, but that was a decision made early on in the writing process. Understandably, a lot of firearm reading material is intended for the enjoyment of firearm hobbyists, and that’s where the money appears to be at the present time. However, there is a real interest in measurable firearm skill development among more recent entrants into the field of defensive guns, and I think that crowd is growing. Anyway, I bet the book on it. Reader feedback will guide the future of the series and the Practics training program.

I do appreciate your patience and especially wish to thank those readers who’ve signed up for advanced notice on release date and purchase information.