The BATF (the illegitimate spawn of old revenue agents and IRS bureaucrats) has apparently suggested (more likely were asked) that a certain type of .223 round be banned from public sale. The reasoning is that the rounds are “armor piercing” and new pistols are available in .223, which will mean death for America’s peace officers.

First off, short-barreled, unstocked semi-automatic rifles are to “pistols” as moose are to deer. These are small rifles for practical purposes, being pistols only in terms of legal classification. It’s a moot point; wear an overcoat and you can carry a large scoped rifle without notice. More importantly, any .223 round will pierce soft body armor and the steel trauma plate worn over the heart. I challenge readers to search ballistic vest manufacturers’ web sites and find a vest that can withstand .223 rounds. Certainly there is armor that will resist rifle rounds, but no cop is walking around in it. He couldn’t bend over or fit in a patrol car. This regulation is one more example of an intentional lie (BATF knows better) being foisted on an unknowing and gullible population to achieve a hidden political objective. If the BATF can restrict ammo by their regulation, as opposed to law, then the battle over firearms will be waged without a single vote. This is a political trial balloon and has nothing to do with the safety of cops.