Recoil should never be a problem with traditional service caliber handguns. Disruption in shooting due to muzzle rise or rearward body movement under recoil is the result of a marksmanship error. If the shooter’s shoulders are slightly forward of the hips and if the arms are held naturally (not hyper-extended) there will be very little muzzle rise. If, however, the shoulders are even slightly behind the hips, the muzzle will have an exaggerated rise. The proper position of the shoulders can be accomplished by a slight slumping of the shoulders. In a normal standing position the hands hang to the sides. When the shoulders slump, the arms move forward transferring the hands from the outside of the legs to the front of the thighs. That slight repositioning will end all extraneous recoil. Your rapid fire speed will double. Double. Rearward movement due to recoil is also the result of either a slight rearward lean or a straight-up posture. The slight rearward lean will knock you back a step and the straight posture will rock you back onto your heels. Bring the shoulders forward of the hips and you’ll be rock-steady. Try it. For more information on the effect of body positioning on shooting read The Perfect Pistol Shot.

The new book is moving toward an early 2015 release. A holistic handgun system including everything from the draw to shooting in total darkness is the subject. More information will be available next month.