My new book will released in Spring 2015. The book is called Practics Holistic Handgun and is based on my Practics system for defensive firearm use. This first book is the meat of a 128 hour course covering everything from the use of deadly force to firing en motion. It is currently being edited and looks like it will be at least 350 pages which is a big book, particularly for a shooting book. Formats will be Kindle and paperback, both available through Amazon.  Interested readers can go to my Amazon author page and click the button under my picture which will cause a notice to be sent when the new book is released. Of course, I’ll post updates here and there is a supporting web site: 

Its my intention to follow Practics Holistic Handgun with at least two more Practics books. Live training is a real possibility, too.

Its been a pleasure over the last three years, getting to know some of The Perfect Pistol Shot readers. The fact that Practics is a reality is due in no small measure to those readers who supported the first book with blog discussions and strong reviews. Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving.