I enjoy reading the gun blogs and am always happy to receive correspondence from The Perfect Pistol Shot book and blog readers. In answer to virtually everyone’s question about their own shooting, please let me say once more: Lighten your grip!

Friends, your gun is not going to beat you to death. When I taught peace officers it was my practice to demonstrate firing a .357 magnum with full-house loads while holding it with only my trigger finger and the web of the shooting hand. Sure, it moves around during recoil (that’s what the other fingers are for) but I never dropped it. If you don’t crush a soda can while drinking, why do you try to crush a handgun when shooting? Do you give your cell phone four times as much pressure as its weight requires? If so, you must dial a lot of wrong numbers. Pressure is energy, energy is movement, and any pressure beyond what is needed to hold an object must be dispersed through movement. In shooting that movement is dissipated through the motion of the lighter object, which is the handgun. I  know what the other guys say and I know what the “sophisticated enthusiasts” say. They’re wrong, and they’ve been wrong for thirty years. If you’re a right-hander you most likely shoot between seven and eight o’clock. Most do, and the reason is shooting hand torque which twists the hand down and inward. That’s what the fist was designed to do but it is destructive to marksmanship. Of course, if you watch your front sight tip to the point of noticing every scratch, dent, and ding, you will see the tip move down and inward, allowing you to correct before firing. But that, we’ll save for another time.

Lighten up.