Keep your head up when firing. Why? Because you see better when looking straight ahead, it is how the eyes were intended to be placed in relation to objects in view. Peripheral vision serves to attract our attention but does not measure well when compared to direct vision. Another problem with head-down is a change in the distance between the eyes and the sights. When perspective is altered, the information from the eyes to the brain will be altered. You might say that it doesn’t matter because you always keep your head down when firing. The truth is, most head-downers will lift their heads for distance firing, completely altering their sight perspective. Also, even if you are consistent, you still risk not getting the best sight picture available. Bring the gun to the head, not the head to the gun.

After a year and a half on sale, The Perfect Pistol Shot hit #1 in Amazon shooting books, both in paperback and Kindle formats. It has been a pleasant surprise to me that the book continues to do well. I am very grateful to readers who have strayed “off the path” to try a new author. Thank you.

The next paperback instructional book is in the works. Hopefully, released in 2014. The new essay, American Gun Fight is making a little headway, thanks to Amazon readers. It is a response to Stephen King’s recent Kindle piece advocating greater restrictions on firearms ownership. If you don’t know how respond to gun control advocates, who toss-about their own facts, you may enjoy American Gun Fight. It’s currently less than a buck, and about sixty pages. While I’m thinking of prices, the women’s guide to safer dating, What Cops tell their Sisters, is now $0.99. If you’ve know women of dating age, this short book is worth a buck. Much of the material translates well for men who suffered dating relationships gone bad.

We’re at the end of a hot summer, still full of light. Check your front sight tips to make certain you don’t have a bare tip. A front sight tip that shines will give an impression of a low aim on standard black and white targets. The illusion will make you think that you’ve got white above your tip, when it in fact, it is your tip. Of course, you dear reader, having read previous blogs here, know that you should be aiming at black crosses and not big circular bullseyes.

Be safe, and good shooting.