One of the primary questions from defensive gun owners concerns the amount of ammunition to be kept by the individual. The broad answer is, “all you can afford.” The real question is not the amount you should own but how much you should you carry. Circumstances matter, of course, but for a home defender you ought to have whatever your weapon holds and a reload of that much. I know there is merit in having a lot of ammunition but it is rarely used or needed. When it is needed it is because the shooter was irresponsible with his firing. An exception to the above rule would be a single shot or double barrelled weapon. In those cases, take a pocket full of shells (hopefully, you’ve got something on the stock to hold extra rounds.) Pistol shooters will not need 31 rounds for a home invasion robbery. The 31 rounds ensures that the shooter has an extra magazine to protect against magazine breakage or malfunction. Whatever you decide to carry needs to be on a belt or sling (pouched ot looped) and ready to go. Boxes of ammunition are not ready ammo. Know the reason for everything you do defensively and then plan your defense according to those reasons. You don’t need to carry all your ammo.