Include long distance training in your shooting regiment. Successful long distance firing will increase speed at shorter distances and develop confidence in proven abilities. Distance forces you to confront wind by magnifying breezes. Likewise, lighting problems are dramatically increased when firing at distance. If you can fire your handgun at 100 yards, you will never have to worry about 15 yards (though too many shooters do.) Rifles are made for distance. If you can fire at 500 yards or more, do it, and 75 yard shots  will  be little more than point-and-fire exercises for you. Remember, in training, whether for recreational shooting or defense, you train to acquire skills, not to simply duplicate circumstances. If you only train to quick-fire at five yard silhouettes, that’s all you’ll be capable of doing. If you train to hit a bullet-sized point at 50 yards, man-sized targets at spitting distance are no problem. I am not suggesting you abandon tactical skills training.  But as always, if you can’t hit your mark, all the rest is just a waste of time and money.