There is a lot of talk about failure to fire or failure to eject due to a limp wrist. In the old days that was more of a concern. Modern pistols, aside from target pistols, are not as likely to malfunction  due to the movement allowed by the shooter’s wrist. I am not advocating a limp wrist, but I am arguing against this current fascination with over-gripping handguns. The trend comes from these “combat” instructors who love to be photographed in poses. Lock arms, scowls, crouches – it’s all nonsense. Come on, please, reason this out for yourself:
Force is movement. If you apply more pressure to your handgun than is required to keep it in your hand between shots, you will have increased movement.

The  big guy wins. You outweigh your handgun. Therefore, excessive pressure/force will be relieved through handgun movement.

It is not possible to sight properly while your handgun sights are moving all over creation.

If you want to shoot more accurately, focus more intently on the front sight tip. In order to that, you will want to prevent excessive movement. So, should you grip using more or less pressure?