Many first time defensive gun buyers (and some old hands) are often confused by 3 dot sights. These sights have a brightly colored dot on the front sight blade and two more dots on each post of the rear sight. Usually the dots glow in the dark. Very often shooters will attempt to align the dots for accurate firing. This is incorrect. The manufacturers make a passing effort to get the dots in-line but they are are not a sighting device. I know some will say the 3 dot system is for quick-fire. Again, this is incorrect. I don’t want to split hairs but sighting is too important to allow confusion. The 3 dot system helps acquire general sight alignment during low light conditions, enabling the shooter to find proper sight alignment with the front sight tip and rear sight blades. There is quite a bit more on this in The Perfect Pistol Shot.

I’d like to thank those readers who purchased from the Practical Tactical e-book series. The series has done well. The e-books are long articles covering the tactical use of rifle, shotgun, and handgun for the single defender. They are not a straight-line from A-Z introduction, but rather hit on some areas that are occasionally overlooked in this type of material. I wasn’t sure if short overviews without the frills would be of much interest, but it’s turned out well. There has been some disappointment expressed because the material is about 17 pages with no photos. Again, I wasn’t targeting the new shooter and thought I could deliver more material, less expensively in this format. For those looking for more comprehensive introductory material there are a lot of great tactical books out there. Thanks again for your support. Those readers with questions are always welcome to reach me through my web-site.

The next firearm book is specifically aimed at the first time defensive again shopper. It will be out this month.

Be safe.