Go to your local range and watch shooters firing at paper targets. You will notice that the majority of shooters are firing low and left. Some are low-left in the black and some are low-left at the corner of the target paper, but many shooters fire low and to the left. Why? Because most shooters are right handed and most shooters over-grip their handguns. Left handers tend to go low-right, but it’s all the same. If you apply more pressure to the grip than is necessary to retain the weapon between shots, the excess pressure will become a torquing motion to the support side, and it will twist downward because that is the natural motion for the human wrist.  So lighten up.

Of course, if you were properly sighting you would see the front sight tip tip low and to the support side before you fired.

Early next year I will be releasing some new material on Kindle targeted toward personal defense.  I wish all readers a very merry Christmas.