The Perfect Pistol Shot has been available for over a year. I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as sales numbers. There is greater interest in the use and ownership of firearms than at anytime in the past, and I’m not just referring to the United States. Like everything else,  marksmanship as a study — as work, has not been popular for some time. The material that does sell well tends to emphasize Hollywood poses, “secret” military techniques, and close range shooting without measurable standards.  I get the appeal but the desire for convenience doesn’t change what is required to be a consistently accurate shot under a variety of conditions. So, I figured my book would have some limited interest for a short period of time. Fortunately, as with many other things, I was wrong.  The Perfect Pistol Shot has slowly and steadily sold well in both paperback and Kindle formats. About a week ago, it bumped into the top ten. Readers have been my primary source of advertising, and I appreciate it. Thank you.