There is still an ongoing debate about the practicality of marksmanship in law enforcement circles. Unfortunately, this argument is largely due to a lack of firearm education and an overwhelming obsession with Hollywood images. No one, who wants to race Formula 1 cars, thinks himself above learning how to turn, accelerate, pass, and brake. Those skills are fundamental elements of good driving upon which racing talent may be developed. Likewise, marksmanship is the foundation of applied accuracy. Now, you say, “I’ve been shooting for many years and I’ve attended some over-priced shooting schools where the instructors ran around in camouflage pants…I’m above marksmanship”. Good for you. Now go to the pistol range under ideal conditions (no excuses), and command your shots to strike within no more than 20% over the mechanical accuracy of your handgun. Begin at 3 yards and work out to 100 yards. If you can’t do that, Rambo, you aren’t master of your firearm. Study marksmanship.