A couple of nights ago, I watched a cable show in which a pistol expert demonstrated how to draw a duty weapon. The technique was this thrust forward nonsense you see in all the handgun magazines. The thinking goes that if the shooter draws the weapon straight upward from the holster, toward the arm pit, and then thrusts it straight forward, sighting will be more quickly acquired. The truth is, when the weapon is drawn and moved into line with eye, at about a 45 degree angle, sight and target acquisition will be both quicker and less disturbed by unnecessary muscle involvement. Candidly, so much of what is represented as “good tactics” is just gimmicks that involve television poses (and always the SWAT guy scowl), which are counter-productive to good marksmanship and personal safety. All that huffing and puffing and thrusting and squatting does nothing for putting rounds on target. In fact, such practices are prone to do the opposite. The gun crowd has always been susceptible to fashion concerning weapon and ammo choices. Now it seems even tactics are judged by “looks” rather than effect.