Improvements in ammunition have made the old arguments on caliber less important.  Pistols won the popularity contest against revolvers, but revolvers are being justified by DAO pistol triggers, and a remarkable array of calibers never before found in handguns. If you’ve read The Perfect Pistol Shot, you know I strongly encourage shooters to stick with whatever modern, full-size, service weapon they currently have, and then master that particular handgun. Like you, I have preferences in caliber, handgun type, barrel length and ammunition, but I’ve learned that in terms of effectiveness the shooter is what matters. Nonetheless, there is one thing in handguns I just won’t keep to myself. I don’t like stainless steel finishes on handguns. They work well, they resist weather, and I can’t stand them. Give me a blued or parkerized handgun that shows holster wear and age, not one that just scratches. Clean, properly oiled, blued handguns don’t rust, either. Look at a richly blued firearm and trace the years of service in its finish. A blued or parkerized weapon keeps a record of service. revealing how it adapted to its shooter.  That’s the aesthetic pay-off for lugging the cursed thing around for ten years. I know it doesn’t matter, it really doesn’t…but I can’t help myself.