I realize that advocating nothing but training to firearms fans makes me the fat kid at the dance. So let’s compromise and combine an emphasis on training with some cheap improvements to make your handgun more “shootable.”

  1. If you are getting glare on your front sight tip, blacken the tip using smoke from an oily flame. A drop or two of coal or kerosene will work fine.  You want the oily smoke not the fire.  You will achieve a beautiful flat black front sight tip that is easy to see even in bright sunlight. It wipes away when you’re finished.
  2. If your grips get slippery as your hand perspires: Go to the dollar-store and get a roll of medical tape. Make one tight wrap around your grips. It’ll come off and the grips can be cleaned.  If you decide to keep using tape, you will have to change it periodically as it can become slick with body oil and dirt but it’s cheaper than a new set of grips and very comfortable.
  3. One drop of oil on the machined (sliding) surfaces of your pistol. Many shooters suffer stoppages from not oiling the surfaces that slide against each other and cause friction. Don’t over-oil and never pour oil into your barrel.
  4. Buy a bag of cheap reloads at your local range and shoot four bucks worth. The fouling inside your barrel will actually tighten your groups.

Dry fire with regimented purpose, which costs you nothing.

Good shooting.