There’s no mystery to preparing your guns for winter. It’s more a question of altering priorities dependent on your location. Generally, winter means wet weather, though indoor storage may actually be drier in winter due to fireplaces and heaters. The two things to look out for are exposed metal and dry wood. Bare metal is used in firearms at friction points. Make sure you have a thin coating of oil on those areas. Wood stocks and grips are like wooden furniture, they require a little wood oil to keep them from cracking or absorbing excess moisture. Don’t forget your leather gear. Good leather treatments prevent brittleness and cracking. Saddle soap works great on slings and cases, but will darken leather. Leather car seat wipes are an easy way to keep duty gear in good shape. Pay attention to gun safe location and keep some distance from heat sources which may over-dry the air. Obviously, humid climates can benefit from de-humidification. Try an open box of mom’s Arm and Hammer. There is no excuse for rust on a personal weapon. Be prepared.